Thursday, August 23, 2007

Make mine wimpy

Probably should be filed under the "Ho-hum another worthless comment by a bishop that has slid into the deep end". But he is just so darn wrong. Were he to challenge people, he would find many are up to the challenge of living a devout life. But offering them warm milk instead of wholesome nourishment keeps them as dependent toddlers.

His thoughts on celibacy are completely backwards. The warm fuzzies of 1960's catechism left the world without the men of courage willing to sacrifice for the sake of the Kingdom. Softening the "rough" edges will further deplete the ranks of those who are called. Priesthood isn't just another job that must change as the market dictates, it is an diving calling.

In a public response to a campaign by Australian Catholic activists to end the celibacy discipline, Bishop Power said that while Vatican leaders are unwilling to reconsider the issue, among "ordinary Catholics" he has found both support and "a sense of urgency" about the need for change.

"Where there is the conviction that the Eucharist is at the heart of Catholic belief and practice, there must be questions asked about disciplinary laws in the Church which have the net effect of denying many Catholics regular access to the Eucharist," the Australian bishop wrote. He said that by limiting priestly ministry to celibate men the Church was in effect restricting access to the Eucharist "because of the scarcity of priests."
Watering down the pablum even more won't raise up good men. Challenge them to be men of service, sacrificing an earthly good for the sake of others. Then we will see results.

And his comment about women's ordination just further shows that he doesn't grasp the nature of the Church or the precious role of shepherd that he has.

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