Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Worship Faux Pas *updated*

The Ironic Catholic: Worship Faux Pas And How To Avoid Them
9. The crying room is a space of shared suffering, to be sure. But social networking crosses the line.
10. When all else fails, remember the secret Catholic motto: "I can sing quieter than you can sing."
The Curt Jester adds his
- Continuously pointing at your watch for the priest to see during the homily is considered rude.
- "The Mass is ended, go in peace" is not meant to be the same as a starter pistol going off indicating that you need to run out of the Mass as fast as you can to avoid traffic in the parking lot.
Someone suggested keeping the list going, so here goes.
  • If you MUST sit at the end of the pew, please step out to allow others to occupy the vacant center area. Ignoring the family standing there, or staring blankly at them is not considered appropriate.
  • Leaving after receiving Communion and before the final blessing is considered the "Judas Shuffle". (apologies to Tim Staples for using his phrase)
  • Going into a coughing fit BEFORE the priest adds the incense confirms your problem is NOT asthma.
  • Razzing a friend about his half-hour confession probably should mean a return trip for yourself (add that to my list for Saturday)
  • If you take your child out repeatedly for discipline, remember the "3 strikes and stay out" rule.

***Updated*** Christus Vincit has added to the list, and what an addition: The Our Father Holding Hand.

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Leticia said...

Ok on the three strikes, but please remind the elderly men who set up guard posts at both ends of the back pews that we who are trying to hide our errant toddlers from the congregation need the last pew for those quick getaways to the vestibule.