Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The spider gets religious

Crowhill Weblog: Thou shalt not …
… believe anything you get in email.
I got an email that began “I did a lot of searching, fasting and prayers before … ” and I figured, shoot heck, this is some over-zealous internet religious fanatic who read some dumb thing I wrote in the past and wants to set me straight.

The email continued, “… choosing your contact from your country’s website.” It then went on with the standard “somebody’s died and we need to transfer a gazillion dollars out of the country and need somebody we can trust” scam.
Who falls for these things?
I believe the spider that filched his email address off the website did a lot of searching, but am I too believe it was hungry and of a religious nature?
And how did he get so important to be on our "Country's website"?

I always enjoy the humor in these "Nigerian" email scams. Here, I got one.
I am the first cousin, not removed, of the third wife of the 8th richest man in America. (seriously) When he dies, I can hope to get nothing from him, but if you will kindly send me $10,000 US dollars, I will promise upon my misspelled word that I will do my best to spend the money while thinking of you.

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