Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My take on the Edwards blogger hoopla?

I don't really have one. Or haven't wasted any time putting anything to the keyboard. And mostly because I don't care about their little rants. So a pro-abortion candidate chose some rabid leftist bloggers with little to say. And when they try to say it, they don't have the vocabulary or intellect to say it well.

As the Leaning Straight Up blog says it so well, save the outrage for "people who are intellectually insulting." and don't run from their words.

Amanda Marcotte resigns and whines
Now let’s clear one thing up: She doesn’t particularly offend me. Her posts are juvenile and obviously designed to get attention, in a teenage "your not the boss of me" method. She honestly bores me with her diatribes and rants about men, white men, white catholic men and anyone else she can attack.

Daily Kos at least has people who are intellectually insulting.

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