Monday, February 26, 2007

Objects in need

Another fabulous spoof from The Curt Jester: L-Mart

His Lenten store has some objects I could use this Lent. The Inward Binoculars for example.
Instead of training your eyes on others these Binoculars focus inward to reveal your faults. First start at the lowest magnification levels since it is more than likely your faults will be easily seen at this level. As you progress in the spiritual life you can increase the magnification. The fault comparison algorithm is not computed on others compared to yourself, but yourself compared to Jesus. The inward binoculars work best when you keep your eyes on Jesus.
The good news is that we won't be needing the Portable Font for Holy Water. Our parish has decided to keep the water this year. I guess prayer does work. Pray, Hope and don't Worry.

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Anonymous said...

Hey kale, I too could use the inward binoculars as well. I did notice that the holy water was still there and that's good.