Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm not surprised they are surprised

I saw an article in the local paper about the fight over the Texas governor's executive order requiring all girls to be vaccinated against HPV. Aside from the political kickback angle between Gov. Perry and Merck, there is something deeper that many people fail to understand. One of the comments in the article expressed surprise at the furor over mandating this vaccine. They could understand the social conservatives resisting abortion or some other cause, but they just didn't see this one coming.

That is what comes from reading the world through their own slanted vision. They think everyone reacts like they do. They have their agenda and they stick to it while it suits them.

But most pro-life people don't have the politically-correct list of buzz words that we find offensive. We don't read the news while looking at a check list to know what offend us.

Some things are just offensive to those who value life and love the gift of freedom. Yes, abortion is offensive. For those who understand the ties to abortion and the devaluation of life, contraception is offensive. So is the affront to parental rights and the general concept of liberty. The state doesn't know what is best for the child. The state is supposed to represent the citizens.

The reason for law is to protect the freedom of the people from those who would abuse or restrict the freedom of others. Law is not about legislating how a parent must be a parent.

Seat belt laws fall into the same category, just less offensive than forcible vaccination. I use my seat belt. I remind my kids to buckle up every time we are in the car. They ARE a safety device that can save lives. But again, the state should not fine me if I choose not to wear it. Or if I chose to comfort my young child on a long trip.

Remember, Freedom is a Christian concept. Those who seek to remove our freedoms, do not understand the meaning or the source of freedom. Freedom is a gift from God, so today, thank God for the freedoms we have. And let us protect that gift.

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