Wednesday, December 20, 2006

top ten animal geeks

Another slightly off-the-wall attempt at geek humor.  This Top Ten Animal Geeks is worth the time for geek humor.
Pavlov's dog gets a nod at #2.  Mr. Ed didn't make it but Hoover the Seal did.

Hoover was a seal who could speak in what has been described as a "drunken New England accent" and would insult the neighbours of his Boston owners. He appeared on television and in newspapers, offering expert commentary on the issues of the day -- admittedly with a rather nonsensical and limited vocabulary, while slobbering wildly, but then those same disabilities haven't stopped political careers.

Hoover lived a happy life as an international novelty, but died in a moulting incident in 1985.

Tragic end it must have been.

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