Monday, December 18, 2006


Life is hectic around Christmas, and work is keeping me busy. So I probably won't be posting much until 2007. But this item caught my eye. As a Minnesota Viking fan, I don't like the Bears and don't shed any tears for them. But it is a bit painful to watch a guy be stupid as Tank Johnson has been.
I usually am on the defendant's side on gun charges unless he has a criminal record preventing him from rightfully owning guns. But when someone can't stay home on the day they are arrested, something isn't quite right. I love this line from the coach.
Teammates came to Johnson's defense following Sunday's game, and Smith called him "a caring guy" and "a good father" with two "beautiful children." But the Bears' patience may be wearing thin.
Yeah, he has a long rap sheet and his friend gets busted for Felony drug possession. And to celebrate they head to a night club (sans the weapons that were confiscated?) and the friend gets shot and killed. Umm, a good father might have been home with the "beautiful children"?
And the foot in the mouth award goes to the GM Angelo.
"We have been meeting internally all day regarding Tank Johnson," Angelo said. "It is a complicated matter that involves many parties. We are currently pursuing a course of action and communicating with the league to reach a conclusion as quickly as possible."
I don't think he meant parties at the bar, but yeah it does make it complicated.

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