Thursday, December 14, 2006

show me the money

Or we'll shut our doors.  Seems as though the mantra about caring for women runs a bit shallow.  Especially when the money runs a bit low.
An abortion business in Seattle that targeted poor women is closing after doing abortions for thirty-four years. The Aradia Women's Health Center abortion facility is closing down because it mostly does abortions on low-income women and rising costs for rent and other expenses have made it difficult to operate.
This is good news of course, but it also exposes the underlying support for abortion.  It is a good money maker in most cases.  And when it is not, well they shut down.


Sara E Anderson said...

If abortion is such a great money maker, why doesn't a free market capitalist support it? Shouldn't the law of supply and abortion-on-demand fix things right up?

KaleJ said...

"why doesn't a free market capitalist support it?"

Because there are some things even a free market capitalist wouldn't do.