Wednesday, December 20, 2006

crack shot

One moment I am making a snide comment on Bettnet about Joseph Rago's dependence on an editor in his piece dismissing bloggers as lacking "complexity and complication" and just too "informal" to be journalists.
you would take away his straw man.  Where else can he point to the lowly masses and use big expensive-daddy-paid-for college words.
It is much more fun to look down and scoff than to actually think.  Or to write about something meaningful.  “oh look at those mormons [ed. note (morons?)] with computers, thay [ed. they] can’t even spell.”
and then next I stumble on the Day by Day cartoon lampooning him for forgetting a period.  Great minds think alike?  Or all those minds lacking "complexity and complication" think in parallel?

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