Thursday, September 28, 2006

shedding some light on taboos

I think I agree with Greg at the Crowhill blog, we need taboos to keep the family sane.  At least the father of the family, which is me.  I get fed up with questions at times.  And I hate just using the "Because!" answer.

Kids always want to know “why?” “Why can’t I have a sleepover?” “Why can’t I wear this shirt to choir practice?” “Why can’t I watch this movie?”

And some parents feel they have to explain everything. But there are some things you just can’t explain. You can’t argue why you allow a bathing suit that only covers x percent of the body but won’t allow that short and tank top that actually cover quite a bit more. You can’t explain (or at least I can’t) why certain colors go together, why certain clothes are appropriate at a funeral, or why certain music fits with certain words or situations. You just get a feel for it. (Or, if you’re a music director at a Catholic parish, you don’t get a feel for it. But that’s another subject.)


Parents are in the business of creating taboos — giving kids a sense of propriety and teaching to observe the right kind of expectations.



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