Friday, September 15, 2006

Even more humor

A couple more humorous quotes, from another Yahoo article.
"The late pope John Paul II spent over 25 years to build bridges and links with the Muslim community. He showed the world that its perception of Islam was false and that we are peace-loving people," it said.
"If we want to sit down and compare the history of violence committed in the name of the Catholic Church and violence committed in the name of Islam, that would take a long time," Ingrid Mattson said.
Oh yes, please let us do that.  It would take a long time.
"We have 500 years of inquisition, the counter-reformation, the crusades... All religions have been used for violence. None has been excluded, including Judaism," she continued.
Well, not quite 500 years.  But hey, when Islam has been spread by violence since its beginning, what is a little exaggeration?

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