Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nigerians fall for Nigerian email scam?

"In a cruel twist of fate, two Nigerian widows are genuinely fighting it out for their husband's (yes, the same husband) $55M fortune. The BBC has the full scoop. Who wants to bet we're abot to see a whole lot of 419's from 'The Wife of the Late Timothy Olufemi Akanni?'"
According to the article, the guy did really die in a plane crash, really did have lots of money and a widow or two that probably wishes someone would have responded to her email asking for a US BANK ACCOUNT that she would transfer the money into.  (MINUS A SMALL HANDLING FEE OF COURSE.) 

The BBC's Sola Odunfa in Lagos says the forfeited assets include 23 bank accounts in various names; shares in leading Nigerian banks; houses and land in the most sought-after parts of Lagos and Abuja; schools in Abuja and a variety of motor vehicles.

Our correspondent says Mr Akanni, who was a Pentecostal Church pastor in Abuja, was eulogised at his death for being a patriotic and selfless Nigerian.

Oh yeah and despite the two wives and ill-gotten gains, this guy was A CHRISTIAN OF HIGHEST ESTEEM.
PS. the all caps are included just don't recognize the lowercase letters.  Either that or these widows are left with old computers that are stuck in cap locks all the time.

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