Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ex cathedra

Some critics of the pope like to throw around the "Papal Infallibility" straw man and claim victory.  I can understand when the critic is ignorant of all things Catholic or even most things Christian.  But this guy takes the cake. 
Paul Cobbs is a professor at Notre Dame, so therefore one would assume some intelligence.  At least in an intellectual sense.  And being a "Catholic" University, one could expect some remote familiarity with the Catholic faith.  But in his article claiming the "Pope should have been more sensitive", he makes the ignorant claims that the Pope's denouncement of Islam was "hurled down ex cathedra". 
Note to Mr. Cobbs.  Leave the foaming ignorant quotes to the protestors that don't speak English.  The Pope was speaking in academia to an academic audience.  He wasn't anywhere near (physically or figuratively) near the Chair of Peter, nor was he speaking in any "infallible" sense.  Somewhat like you would do, Mr. Cobbs to your students.  Only Pope Benedict seems to have a better sense of history than you do.
Oh and of course he blamed the Crusades and three centuries of Western imperialism for the anger of the Muslim nations.
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