Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Class of 08

I was listening to the Saintcast on the ride home and this thought struck me. As the podcast covered news on some saints about to be canonized, I remembered how many expected Pope Benedict XVI to slow down the process. As if there were to many holy men and women being raised to the altars.

I initially agreed with this concept, perhaps Pope John Paul II had been a little too aggressive in inducting them into the Eternal Hall of Fame. But that is where reconsidered. Sainthood isn't like the Hall of Fame. On earth, we are limited. In going to the HOF, we can only take in so much. So adding more and more members sort of drags down everyone. Everyone is special, so nobody is really special.

But being raised to the altars of Sainthood is different. First, heaven isn't limited. We will have eternity to take in all the HOF members. (perhaps surprised at some that were included, as they will be of us.) So there is no reason to jealously guard the exclusivity of the club.

Second, I haven't ever been to any HOF. Perhaps for many it is seeking out the favorites, from one's favorite team or favorite memories. And often that is how sainthood is looked upon. The local cult is what drives the initial process. (learned that from the Saintcast) So just as you may look for members of your local team, the nation or area has a saint to emulate and look up to. Or one can always find that connection that may bring you to a patron saint.

So here is to a big EHOF class of 2008.

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