Thursday, February 14, 2008

As expected

The destruction of the GOP must go on. Mitt Romney will endorse John McCain.

Oh, this was supposed to be a good thing. The unity of the party and all that. So they can be certain to defeat those evil democrats. Of course. Even McCain would be better than Hillary or Obama.

Not so sure on that. McCain is the masculine version of Hillary and that is about where the differences end. So Romney senses that he isn't going to win the nomination after spending mega millions on the campaign. Rather than go to the brokered convention and make sure his "fiscal ideals" are represented, along with Huckabee's stance on life and Paul's stance on freedom; he bags it all and backs the one opponent he can't stand. Making sure that Huckabee and Paul supporters are silenced. How's that for party politics?

But party politics makes the world media go round, right. Take this review of "conservative" talk radio. She makes the claim "Rush and Coulter are causing a rift in the GOP". Why? Because they are SO far right and dare to bash McCain (last great hope against Hillary).

Sorry, but Rush is a party man through and through. Has been for years. Coulter is blonde with a big mouth and a propensity to attack those disliked by the GOP. Splitting the party? What party? The GOP tent was chopped down long ago and now McCain is carrying the GOP backpack. Leaving Ron Paul and other conservatives with no where to go.

This Romney drop out and endorsement reminds me of a lame sitcom script. Perhaps the hollywood writers aren't on strike after all. They just moved into political news reporting.

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