Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Signs of the Apocalypse

Seems the end of the world (yes I know apocalypse means "to be revealed" but it sounds good) is upon us.

First, the graphic that the Ironic Catholic dug up, And For Certain Soldiers of the Liturgy Wars, This Stained Glass Replacement Was The Last Straw.

Second was the homily this last weekend. I loved the readings. Where else but the Catholic Church are you going to hear Maccabees. The Gospel had the Sadducees testing Jesus about the resurrection. Sad to say, I wasn't expecting much of a homily since the visiting priest was a Jesuit from nearby Gonzaga University and his opening prayers for the Mass were quite odd. But as Matthew at CMR sez, Don't give up on the Jesuits.

Not only was his homily relevant to the readings, was engaging, sprinkled with just a bit of humor, and informative; it had quite a shock value to it. After all, when is the last time anyone heard a homily on Heaven, Hell and ... Purgatory. And this all from a Jesuit priest. I was stunned as he mentioned those words. Stunned even more as he expounded upon them rather than dismissing them. The kids paid attention, I came away from Mass feeling filled with some new knowledge and for a short time, life was good.

/aside I say short time cuz I wasted the rest of the morning watching the Vikings get humiliated by the Packers. I would say that is another sign of the apocalypse, but it seems to be too common this year for it to be anything other than a sign of a high draft pick next spring.

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