Monday, November 19, 2007

All about choice

Remember, it is all about choice. A woman's right to choose and the decision should be made between a woman and her doctor. Unless of course the woman doesn't want to abort her babies. The culture of death just keeps on needing more grist for the mill. Mother delivers quintuplets after refusing multiple abortions
London, Nov 19, 2007 / 10:42 am (CNA).- A Russian mother has given birth to quintuplets despite opposition from doctors who wanted her to abort some of them. Varvara Artamkin and her husband Dimitri had to travel to England in order to keep all of their children.

She and her husband Dimitri, a 28 year-old math professor, were told by Russian doctors that they would not treat Varvara during her pregnancy unless she aborted two or three of her babies. The doctors said the 'selective terminations,' as the abortions are called, were essential to giving the remaining babies a chance of survival.

Mr. Artamkin's grandmother, Irina, 74, speaking from her home in Moscow, described their plight: "They went to several maternity hospitals to ask them to take her on but the doctors kept saying they would only accept her on the condition that she terminated two or three of the babies."
But I remain confident that the staunch defenders of a woman's right to choose will step up and be heard.

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