Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stormy weather

It looks like some stormy weather is ahead regarding Medjugorje.  Kevin at the New Advent blog offers some thoughts and there are interesting comments.  The Curt Jester has weighed in and give his usual sound take on the issue.  He also has links to many more items on it. 
I have always been a bit skeptical, although I don't know quite why.  I know many good people that have gone on a pilgrimage once or several times.  But I heard some speaker relate to the phenomena of the faithful taking long treks across the globe seeking God.  He said that there is no need to travel farther than your local parish and Mass for a miracle.  And go to adoration if you want guidance.  That has been my stance on apparitions, but then this also fits my personality and finances, so it obviously makes sense to me.

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