Thursday, July 13, 2006


New Advent has a link to the story on Archbishop Milingo.
One comment jumped out at me.  He sounded like he meant well, but as the other commentors have pointed out, there are many more issues than most perceive.
The church should have allowed priests to get married years ago. If they had, then they would not have had such a massive problem in the west with lack of priests. I would have trained for the priesthood, but for the celibacy rule.
But there is another reason why we need to pause an consider our thoughts on this.
If celibacy is the block, then I would venture you may not have the calling, or VOCATION, to the celibate life.  And since the priesthood is restricted to the Celibate Vocation in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, if follows that you are not called to priesthood.  Just as I am not and many good fathers and husbands are not.
Aside from the obedience, logical and financial aspects, I think it would be a horrible mistake to allow men to become priests just because they "think they would make a good priest."
It isn't just training, formation and certain human characteristics that make good priests.  This isn't just another job, it is a calling from God to serve him in this celibate vocation.

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