Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hilarity on serious matters

Senate passes interstate abortion bill

WASHINGTON - A bill that would make it a crime to take a pregnant girl across state lines for an abortion without her parents' knowledge passed the Senate Tuesday, but vast differences with the House version stood between the measure and President Bush's desk.
Hopefully they work this out. Perhaps the Republocrats are realizing that their hope lies in representing the will of the people that voted them in. I don't much care anymore if their intentions are less than noble as long as they vote with the people's interests in mind.

But anytime the scarlet letter 'A' is mentioned, it brings the out kookiest comments from the pro-death crowd trying to change to focus.

"We're going to sacrifice a lot of girls' lives," said Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.
We already are Hillary, we already are. And don't forget the unborn boys that are being sacrificed at the altar of convenience.

"Congress ought to have higher priorities than turning grandparents into criminals," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy D-Mass.
Yeah, all those loving grandparents sneaking kids off to the death chambers. That is the problem Senator. He is close in his supposition though. There is a big age difference between the father of the child that wants to hide the fact he got a minor pregnant. But it usually is men in their 20s, not grandparents.

The girl and her parents would be exempt from prosecution, and the bill contains an exception for abortions performed in this manner that posed a threat to the mother's life.
Just why would anyone see the need to add this exemption. It is bogus in any abortion and if a young girl is hemorrhaging, I don't see the need to cross a state line an find an abortion mill. Most hospitals still have Emergency Rooms that are designed to save the life of the mother (and perhaps the child too).

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