Friday, December 09, 2005

Ultimate Catholic Intercessor Challenge

To honor the patron saint of the day, I am introducing the Ultimate Catholic Intercessor Challenge. Patterned after the Ultimate Fighting Challenge, each saint of the day will take on a challenger. Typically this will be the champion from the previous UCIC. The winner will be determined by the intercessory power exhibited and will continue on to the next challenge.

In the far corner we introduce today's saint, St. Juan Diego. A poor Indian farmer from Mexico, his example of humility, especially in dealing with the doubtful bishop makes him the patron of the lay apostolate.

In the near corner we have (without a previous champion, I chose my patron) St. Joseph.

And now to the challenge. In an inspiration from SJD and his tilma twist, it is cold and wintry here and the cabin fever has set in at home, I think I will pick up some roses for the mother of my children on the way home. And as the patron of the lay apostolate, he is an inspiration of humility and charity towards the hierarchy for all bloggers.

In a return salvo, big Joe drops to his knees and reminds this blogger that as patron of workers, it is time to get back to work.

Game, set, match, St. Joseph is the victor. Talk about no holds barred.

see ya next time.

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