Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Something I need to look more into

This article seems legit, I just have trouble believing a company could allow something so blatant.

Costco Fires Catholic Who Denied Knights of Columbus Hall for Lesbian "Marriage"
The Knight in charge of renting the KC hall who had to cancel the arangment when they found out the "wedding" was for a lesbian couple, has been fired. It also looks like a setup.

David Hauser told in an exclusive interview that Tracey Smith, one of the lesbians involved in the human rights complaint against the Knights, was also a co-worker of his at Costco. Hauser related that Smith and many of the management at the Port Coquitlam warehouse were openly homosexual. He related that for months before Smith and her same-sex partner approached his wife for the hall rental, these same individuals had been asking him about his involvement with the hall, and knew that he was in charge of bookings.
"In retrospect, they picked a time when they knew I would be at work to call my wife Sandra, who shows the hall when I am unavailable," Hauser said. He is convinced the entire fiasco was orchestrated before the event.
On a dead end street, a small sign and sharing the lot with the Catholic church and school did not keep them from claiming that they did not realize the hall was affiliated with the Catholic Church, or that they found the hall when they just "happened to be driving around and saw the sign."

Still alot to sort through. Apparently Costco demoted the manager that fired Hauser. But he still doesn't have a job and is having trouble getting another one because of the firing. I am sure there is more to come.

tip to Mark Shea

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