Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bless me lord, for I can relate

There are articles I enjoy, articles I really like and then there are those that hit home. Eric Scheske hits home in Blessed Be the Lower Middle Class.

I think it's a blessed state.
Which isn't a stretch. Jesus, after all, blessed the poor.
I had always interpreted the blessing to mean that the poor will do well in the next world, like disease-infected Lazarus in Abraham's bosom.But in this era when mass society is affluent society, I'm beginning to think it applies to this world, right now. "Blessed are the poor, for you won't worry about the fashionableness of your car. Blessed are the poor, for you will not think about the difference between Pellegrino and Eddie Bauer waters. Blessed are the poor, for you won't know when your clothes are out of style. Blessed are the poor, for you won't find yourself dissatisfied when the dozen coffee choices don't include mild Starbucks."
I'm beginning to think that the lower middle class in America might have it the best: Blessed are the lower middle class in America, for you have enough to live comfortably but not enough to consume yourself with the comforts.

It kinda reminds me of when the simple mind of a 4 year old is trying to figure out where it fits in. Knowing we aren't like "the poors" that don't have much of anything, and we aren't rich cuz he has to share often with his 5 brothers; he simply says, "we aren't rich but we aren't poor either, right dad?"

And after a blessed and peaceful Christmas, yes, it is a blessed state.

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