Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Picking a fight

Funny how little people like to pick fights to avoid their shortcomings. Bush hasn't finished either "war" he has us engaged in, yet he finds time to go around poking every other dictator on the nose. In the laughable headline, Bush urges U.N. to spread freedom, he singles out Burma/Myanmar, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Iran as "brutal regimes [that] deny their people the fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration" of the UN.

Where are those who seem to think that Bush doesn't play attack terrier for the U.N. This whole "spread freedom" line is oxymoronic considering the U.N. allows terrorist nations a stage to spout their venom, and Bush uses this line while stirring up hate and anger among those who hate us most.

As Ron Paul is fond of reminding us, you don't "spread freedom" with the barrel of the gun.

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