Thursday, September 27, 2007

Only their "choice"

It has always seemed ironic for babies to die in the name of being "pro-choice". Not like the baby has much of a choice there. Neither does the father of the child, unless he also is choosing death for the child of his under-age girlfriend. Seems like the only choice they want is their choice.

Now from Gerald at The Cafeteria Is Closed come this interesting bit on Verizon Blocking Messages of Abortion Rights Group.
Saying it had the right to block “controversial or unsavory” text messages, Verizon Wireless has rejected a request from Naral Pro-Choice America, the abortion rights group, to make Verizon’s mobile network available for a text-message program.
Of course it doesn't matter to the "pro-choicers" that a private company has the right to choose what services they provide. Verizon stands to lose money by their stance, but that is their choice.

Remember, it is all about choice.

Verizon reverses their stance. (caves to the political pressure?)
Earlier this morning Verizon chose to reverse yesterday’s decision that Naral Pro-choice America could not send text messages on their wireless network.

Verizon spokesman Jeffrey Nelson said that, "The decision to not allow text messaging on an important, though sensitive, public policy issue was incorrect, and we have fixed the process that led to this isolated incident."

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