Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Game day

Thanks to Dom, we find Game Day Tips by the Dad Labs.

I like it. I have used one or two of the tricks to catch a game now and then. Sleeping baby is a sure bet. I also do my best to involve the kids. As they grow older, the choice is theirs and two of the boys already have favorite teams (Second to the Minnesota Vikings of course). When they are young and can't form their own opinions, they get the standard Viking outfits. Even my daughter who doesn't care for sports helps rally the troops into the proper attire for game day.

And they catch on quickly. My two year-old was confused about to why I was talking on the phone while the game was on. He asked if I was "talkin' to Vikings?" Obviously I wasn't because I wouldn't have been holding a calm discussion had I had them on the line.

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