Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Novelty has worn off

An article at NCR shows us why there should be a limit to playing priest. Rather than increase our faith in these scandalous times, it is obvious some see it as time to grab for more power. A Catholic Boston lawyer named Mary Beth Carmody explains it so clear what they hunger for.

“We keep telling the archdiocese that we are not dissident Catholics. We are the core and foundation, we are the parish council members, we are the parish finance council, we are the confirmation teachers, the religious education teachers, the lectors and the eucharistic ministers. We are the core of the Catholic church, ..."

As Diogenes over at CWNews states, it isn't positions, but adherence to the creed that makes one not a dissident.

But on another level, it IS about the positions. In other words, we have played priest; NOW we want to BE priests.


Eric said...


Eric said...

Thank you Kale for stating it like it is. While I think the Church should have better laity involvement especially in matters of parish business and finances because there are many smart folks that can and are willing to advise and be a part of correcting the wrongs. Sadly, it seems that well trained 21st century priests should also include in their seminary training a complete course on business.
Your statement about playing priests and now wanting to be priests is accurate but falls short because it seems many not only want to play priests, but also bishops and even pope.
The laity should be vigilant in keeping the secrets and hierarchy in check especially on the sex scandals and financial dealings but that is where it should end. It should not evolve into doctrinal and dogmatic issues. In other words the mini priests, bishops, popes, should not think that this check and accountability job that the laity should be a part of then entitles them to change Church teachings, the CCC, the GIRM, Canon Law, or the Mass, and that is what I fear is happening.