Monday, July 21, 2008

What I secretly dread about my children growing up

Guess it isn't so secret if I post it on the internet. But as my kids grow-up, here are a few things I dread.

1. Pulling a "pair" of socks out of gym bag, only to discover they aren't really a pair; but rather one of mine and one of my boys. The latter being eerily close to mine in size, but with the distinct discoloration that comes from running in socks through yard.

2. Body odor. Now I sweat a little (or quite a little, depending on who you ask) and have the accompanying aromas. But those are mine. And as any good alpha dog will let you know, there is only room for one of those smells around here.

3. Being a wrestler, I am pretty sure I will be able to hold my own until they are into adulthood, but pretty soon I am going to have to start using my "veteran" wits more than my physical brawn.

4. Food bills. I think I know what store owners feel like during a riot. Turn your back and everything good is gone off the shelves.

5. As they get older, perhaps they will goof off less, but when they do throw each other around, the damage is likely to cost more. For the doctor bills and the home repairs.

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Dr Jenn said...

#4 is the most honest thing I have heard today. Thanks!