Sunday, May 18, 2008

Answers to questions nobody thought to ask

It's one of those things that having kids brings up. I now know why God didn't give mammary glands to the male sex.

Picture 5 boys talking about having milk producing glands. Now combine that with the concept of a farmer squirting milk into the mouth of a waiting cat. Stir with imagination, and that was our supper conversation.

Thank God for his wisdom in creating us.

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Anonymous said...

Actually men do have mammary glands. They are underdeveloped but they do exist. Some men, though rare even develope breast cancer.

And according to theory, it is even possible, with the right hormones for men to nurse a child
Don't remember where I read that, but I did read it.

The chest developes in the womb as female until the y chromosome kicks in. I'm not sure when that is but it's considerably later than chest development.