Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No standing invitation

Something tells me they won't invite this student-turned-alumni back for a commencement speech anytime soon. As the Curt Jester points out, contraception, food fights and cohabitation is a strange mix for a graduation speech. But I can see the corollary.

Contraception is selfish and childish, food fights are childish and messy and faculty cohabitation is messy, usually involves contraception and lead to childless unions.

Well good for him anyway. Better than your usual bland where we have been and where we are going pablum.

The president also made a cryptic but encouraging comment regarding his speech

At the same time, the president said, it was also important "to treat one another with respect as we speak and as we listen, regardless of how controversial an issue may be."
The "tolerance as a supreme value" folks usually are only tolerant if you agree with them. Anybody expressing a different opinion gets suppressed. Nobody booed or walked out when the President was getting blasted at a FUNERAL, so a graduation speech upholding Catholic values at a Catholic University isn't even close to outrageous.

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