Thursday, April 27, 2006

Perfect in the Law

Pope Benedict: Law of God does not eliminate human freedom, but perfects it

This is often what I feebly try to explain to those who question my adherence to the Laws of God, the teachings of the Church or Christianity in general. Freedom isn't doing what ever I want, it is being free to do what I should. (forgive the lack attribution, I don't know whom I paraphrase, and my search turned up only 'anonymous')

Pope Benedict puts it well

''The path indicated by Jesus through His teachings is not a rule imposed from the outside. He Himself walks this path and asks no more than that we follow Him.


Athanasius contra mundo said...

The so called "freedom" from God is just slavery to sin.

Anonymous said...

John Paul said it best, "Freedom and life are interrelated, but one cannot use freedom to denigrate life."

Thanks JPII