Saturday, December 30, 2006

Talk about culture war.

It all started out very innocently. We were on our way back home from visiting family for Christmas. Of course traveling for seven hours in a car with six kids is always an adventure. So when our four year old sent the distress call from the very back of the suburban "I need to go potty right now!" We figured it was time to stop. So we all piled out and Dad sent the battle cry "Everyone's going to TRY to go to the bathroom cause I'm not stopping again."
So the five boys filed to the right and my 11 year old daughter and I to the left. It was a one stall room so she went in first. When I went in for my turn I glanced to the left at the dispenser on the wall. At first I thought it was a feminine products dispenser, but upon a closer look, boy was I wrong. It advertised flavored condoms on one side, and an exotic sex kit on the other. I can't even remember what was in the middle section because I was so upset. I do know it had nothing to do with feminine products though. And do you think there was a feminine hygiene product dispenser in the gas station bathroom...NO.
OK, some of you may not find issue with this but, my innocent daughter (one of the reasons we home school is so that our children are not bombarded with stuff like this) is an avid reader. She reads anything and everything she can get her hands on. So I knew she read it. Now, I have no problem discussing Sacramental sex with my children, but flavored condoms PLEASE!!
So as I watched my boys file out of the restroom with my husband ( they're little so he was there to protect their innocence), I mentioned what I'd seen to him and he was just as irritated as there was one in the men's restroom as well.
After all of our troop got their snacks and were hustled out to the suburban, I lingered to talk with the man running the cash register. I called him over and said something like "Usually I'm not a complainer but, I am upset that you have trash like a flavored condom dispenser on your wall where my young teenage daughter can see it. You don't even help women out by providing a feminine products dispenser." As the young man grew deeper shades of red he said "I only work here." I responded "I understand that but, please pass this on to your manager, thanks."
Upon entering our vehicle my husband smiled, shook his head, and said "You 're not going to win the culture war here." I responded, "One battle at a time."

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Leticia said...

Good for you! Someone has to SAY something, even if it's to the clerk! I recently stormed up the the counter of a huge supermarket, hands full of so-called work out magazines which had the most pornographic covers. I demanded to see the manager, after encountering flack from his underlings, he was very sympathetic and seemed shocked about the magazine covers, but later, I saw them being returned to where they were. Now, let someone do that tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and MAYBE they'll start to care.
We can't win the culture wars alone, but as Catholics, we MUST join the battle!!